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Funding will support expansion of HOLOS’ eComm and retail footprint in Canada

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, May 2, 2022 – HOLOS, a Canadian startup who develops and markets organic, plant-based, protein-packed, environmentally sustainable overnight breakfast muesli is pleased to announce that it has secured a C$3 million Seed Round of funding led by Vancouver-based mission-driven venture capital firm Renewal Funds, with additional support from Fondaction.

“We have built HOLOS strategically from the ground up, and we are very pleased to see that consumer demand for our products has steadily increased—in direct correlation with the demand for healthy eating. This is very promising for the future of food in Canada. Renewal Funds has been instrumental in guiding us through the fund-raising process, and we view them as growth partners as well as investment partners. We look forward to working with Renewal Funds as we continue to expand our retail footprint in Canada and beyond in the near future.” said Charles Sansregret, CEO of HOLOS.

HOLOS was founded in 2016 and launched in 2018 with a mission to completely transform and elevate the breakfast category by providing an alternative that is nutrient-packed, healthy, and eco-conscious yet is also convenient and delicious. The Company’s line of ‘overnight’ breakfast muesli are made from 100% vegan, organic and gluten-free ingredients, and each serving contains 20 g of plant-based protein, 12 g of fiber, 13 vitamins and minerals, 1 billion CFU of probiotics, and Omega 2 and 3 fatty acids.

HOLOS’ products are sold in 100% recyclable packs and consumers add liquid after purchase. Consumers simply add their milk of choice and let the muesli sit overnight or for a few hours to enjoy a delicious, nutrient-dense meal – perfect for those with active lifestyles who are also concerned about their own health and their impact on the planet.  “HOLOS has been adopted by a wide range of health-conscious, active consumers, from amateur joggers to ultramarathoner and Olympic athletes. The latest being the ski moguls legend, Mikaël Kingsbury,” said Samuel T. Scofy, Co-founder and CMO at HOLOS.

Jerrod Shin, Principal at Renewal Funds commented: “Consumers are demanding more from the breakfast category and we believe HOLOS is the company with the right product, ethos, and leadership team to thrive under that demand. Co-founders Sam and Charles have grown the company rapidly while demonstrating its commitment to sustainable and clean ingredients, and we’re very excited to see where they’ll take HOLOS in the months and years to come.”

“Fondaction believes that by supporting HOLOS, it is reinforcing a nutrient-rich and environmentally friendly vegan health offering that takes into account the hectic lifestyle that many people, not only athletes, have to contend with,” stated Claire Bisson, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fondaction.

HOLOS currently sells its products online through its website and plans to allocate the funds toward growth initiatives including the expansion of its retail footprint across Canada, and eventually the United States.

For more information, please contact:

HOLOS: Charles Sansregret, CEO:

Renewal Funds: Pia David, Operations Coordinator:

Source: HOLOS

About HOLOS:

HOLOS is a Canadian startup who develops and markets organic, plant-based, protein-packed, environmentally sustainable overnight breakfast muesli. HOLOS muesli are sold online through the company’s website and in over 600 stores in Canada—in a variety of delicious flavors including vanilla, chai, cocoa, peanuts & maple, and apple & cinnamon. Learn more about HOLOS here.

About Renewal Funds:

Renewal Funds is an mission-driven venture capital firm investing in early-stage environmental technology and sustainable consumer goods companies in Canada and the US. Adding value for entrepreneurs through capital, networks, and expertise, Renewal Funds delivers above-market returns for partners while catalyzing positive social and environmental change. Learn more about Renewal funds here.

About Fondaction:

A forerunner in sustainable finance for the past 25 years, Fondaction brings together individuals that are mobilizing for the positive transformation of society, taking action to make Québec’s economy more equitable, inclusive, green and successful. As a labour‑sponsored fund, Fondaction represents tens of thousands of savers and hundreds of companies committed to helping Québec progress. It manages net assets of more than $3.34 billion invested in hundreds of businesses and in financial markets, prioritizing investments that generate positive economic, social and environmental impacts in addition to a financial return. Fondaction helps create and maintain quality jobs, reduce inequalities and fight climate change. For more information, go to or our LinkedIn page.

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