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“We need a rapid change of focus in every part of the financial system to align wealth creation with climate solutions. Renewal Funds is an important piece of the essential transition in the ecosystem of change.”

-Astrid Kann-Rasmussen, V. Kann-Rasmussen Foundation Chair and Renewal Investor

Renewal Funds is a force for positive social and environmental change, while delivering above market returns for our partners.

Renewal Funds investors are accredited individuals, family offices, boutique wealth advisors, and charitable foundations, seeking market rate returns aligned with values, meaning, and purpose.

Our funds are structured as Limited Partnerships, with a minimum investment of $500,000, called over several years. We make strategic investments behalf of our partners in mission-aligned companies in Canada and the United States.

To inquire about investment opportunities, please reach out to Emily Danaher at


The Renewal Funds team, including interns May 2018.