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Sweet Earth (Exited)

Meat alternative, seitan-based, high-protein, ready-to-eat meals.

Sweet Earth’s globally inspired ready-to-eat burritos, bowls, burgers, and bacon are enough to tempt even the most veggie-averse carnivore. Exclusively organic, GMO-free, and locally sourced ingredients, Sweet Earth’s meat alternatives are a protein-rich win for both consumers and the environment.

Exited October 2017 – The sale of Sweet Earth Foods, a plant-based food brand, to Nestle, the world’s largest food manufacturer, represents an opportunity to exponentially amplify Sweet Earth’s sales, distribution and brand visibility as part of Nestle’s commitment to plant-based foods, which will have a material impact on the reduction of carbon emissions, water consumption and energy consumption in our food chain.  Read the related News post


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Moss Landing, CA