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Better Bean (Exited)

Fresh, ready to eat, vegan, GMO-free beans grown with low-till farming methods that improve soil health.

Better Bean is a family company built on principles of high-quality, good for the land ingredients to promote health, sustainability, and of course deliciousness. Using locally sourced, organic beans for their gourmet creations – free from preservatives and artificial colors and flavors – Better Bean promotes health from the ground up.

*Exited June 2017 –¬†Better Bean is a pioneer in creating a new category of fresh bean products. Through its sale to Hain Celestial, a large organic and natural consumer goods company, Better Bean will have access to new resources and distribution capable of bringing a new plant-based protein product into the mainstream. Read the related News post

Thanks to the financial and strategic support of Renewal Funds, Better Bean is entering a new and exciting phase in its life. Renewal has been willing to step up at critical moments and Kate and Paul have been a pleasure to work with and have been fair with all stakeholders. As a leading impact investment firm Renewal Funds lives up to their values.

Keith Kullberg

Founder + CEO , Better Bean


Sustainable foods


Wilsonville, OR